Increase value housing

How to increase the value of the housing

Now it seems that the real estate crisis has passed, or almost, many return to see near the opportunity to sell at a better price your home. It is time to get your best face, you have a current image and is in good condition, so you won't lose value, but that I won it.

To raise any reform or renewal, from the blog of Fotocasa it is recommended that you make a list of shortcomings, weaknesses and strengths of the housing. Similarly it is important to think about the effect it will have on the appraised value of the house and avoid all those that do not go to compensate much spending.

Elements to reform

  • Delete partitions or unnecessary pillar: It is a reform that can help win a lot of space, but it requires a architect. Any modification to a structural element must be calculated correctly to avoid future problems, and licensing of larger work.
  • Add or remove bedrooms: The important thing, in this case, is to be clear about what is what is most demand in the area.
  • Add or remove bathrooms: A new bathroom is a reform face, but, if you have site, it is always a wise decision. If, on the contrary, you have several bathrooms and are not necessary or are too small, it is better get rid of one of them to give that space to another room in the house.
  • Enclosures: Change doors and windows by a few that offer a greater insulation, thermal and acoustic, supposed to make housing more efficiently. It is advisable to consult with the aid to the efficiency improvement of housing.
  • Wardrobes: Create spaces for storage building on corners dead can be a success story and a claim more when it comes to selling or renting your home.

To renew items

  • Soils: There are endless options to renew the soil, from the vinyl faux wood or stoneware, up to the park of click or dry ceramic. If housing account with quality soils well-preserved, the best option is polishing or stab them, as appropriate.
  • Kitchen: A new coat of paint or vinyl papers, along with new handles and plug-ins may be sufficient. If, in addition, new appliances, efficient and of the same color, can be very easy to convince the potential buyer.
  • Bathrooms: If it is not strictly necessary, it is not necessary to change the health, with clean and put new caps will be sufficient. In addition, paint the tiles, change, or paint the furniture under sink, replace the tub by a practice shower, put a bulkhead or renew the curtains, change the artichoke or command of new shower, a practical towel heater and replace the taps and mirror are small changes that can significantly improve the bathroom.
  • Doors: You can opt for lacarlas or, simply, to clean them up and rename the handle to give them a fresh air.

Decoration elements

  • Painting: The walls of the home must be free of chips, stains or moisture. When painting, it is best to opt for neutral colors that provide brightness and widen the space.
  • Furniture: We must be watchful of not cluttering the space of furniture. It is time to get rid of the furniture in poor condition or in disuse. The best thing to do is decorate with lightweight furniture, combined with some part vintage to provide warmth.
  • Lighting: It is imperative to have a correct lighting. The first thing is to maximize the natural light that enters through the windows and then bet on the lamp and bulb suitable for every corner, according to the tasks to perform in the. An easy way to improve the lighting is to change the bulbs by other more bright and more ecological.
  • Foreign: If there are garden or terrace is essential to know your destination. In the case of the garden, take the lawn and plants arranged in perfect condition will suffice. In regard to the terrace, some furniture care and finishes in good condition will be sufficient.