Real estate market

Spanish real estate market attractive in Europe

The 15% of European investors have located to Spain as favorite destination of investment, only behind in the United Kingdom, which has been chosen by a 31 %, according to a study by the consulting firm of real estate services CBRE.

In this way is seen as the change in cycle in the Spanish economy is reflected in the opinion of real estate investors, who have placed the country, for the first time, at the same level as Germany. In this way, in 2015 shuttle will consolidate the trend of the previous year, when there were more than 10,000 million of investment in Spain.

The main reason for this positive trend has been that the demand has ceased to concentrate only on product prime in the major cities and has moved to a broader framework. The diversification into new locations and alternative products makes it possible that this trend will continue, say experts of CBRE.

As part of this diversification strategy, the 32% of investors has put his interest in the real estate debt, which has been consolidated as the most popular alternative sector. This has reached a volume of 49,000 million euros in 2014, compared to 10,000 million in the year 2012. Behind, are the residences of students, with 27 %, and the sectors of health and leisure, with 17% each..

Another of the conclusions of this report is that Madrid remains in second position in what refers to cities, behind only London and ahead of Paris, Berlin and Milan, while Barcelona is situated in the eleventh place.

On the other hand, the positive economic perspectives led to an increase the diversification, so that the cities outside of the top ten posts of the last ranking have to concentrate the 9% of responses in the year 2013, 19% in 2015.