Empty flats

Barcelona charge a fee to owners of empty flats

The Municipal Government of Barcelona raises approve a rate of 633 € to all owners of empty flats with more than two years. The purpose of this collection is pay the inspection and management of cases and sanctions such floors.

According to Gerardo Pisarello (first deputy mayor of the city of Barcelona) the objective of this approval is to deter owners have empty floors without justification. Upon detecting an empty apartment a file will open and will be charged a rate of 633 € to the owner. According to Gerardo this falls within its strategy "to ensure the right to housing".

At this rate of 633 € 286 € will be added for each request to open because of the failure of a previous request.

Earlier this administrative procedure was paid by the residents. Now you want to avoid conflicts between the community and it will only be the natural or legal person who will take charge of the process.

According to Jordi Ayala (manager Presidency and Economics Barcelona) the procedure may end in penalty or not, but the rate of 633 € will apply in all cases where a file is opened to the owner of an empty floor unjustified; except if the file is opened when not correspond.

With all this, Gerardo Pisarello wants to send a message to the Barcelona fighting for the right to decent housing.