BBVA app

New app to buy home

Bank Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria better known as BBVA, just launch a free app for their customers (mobile app) that helps in the decision to buy a house.

The application is now available in web version and in August will be valid for mobile through Google Play and AppStore platforms.

The tool provided by Madiva Solutions and designed through technology "Big Data" customer guide their efforts homebuying and in making decisions about their funding possibilities.

In other words, the app allows the customer to access all the information about the house that are interested to buy. Information about the area where it is located, its estimated price and how it would affect their ability to pay.

Gonzalo Rodriguez Rodriguez, director of Digital Transformation BBVA has defined the application as a "tool designed to help the customer not only in the formalization of the mortgage but to settle accounts, see the impact of your mortgage on your income and give information to the negotiations. "

The app allows you to explore a specific area of ​​Spain where the customer wants to buy a house. Through a search engine, the customer enters the town and a report with the number of properties for sale in the area, the average price of housing and square meter and the average area is displayed. The application also allows you to find additional information such as the equipment of the area, its age and size of buildings.

When the client already has in mind the property you want to buy, you can access an estimate of the starting price and the price at which it could negotiate with official data from the Cadastre and Real Estate for similar sales in the area.

"Maybe the price is not then match the real, but he made it clear to the customer at all times is not an appraised value and do not have to be the final value of buying and selling, but a support to improve their decision purchase, "explained Rodriguez.

The application also provides access to data as the year of housing construction, the surface or the evolution of the price per square meter through search maps and data captured in graphs and other visual tools. In addition, customers can also get a first idea whether their economic capacity allows you to purchase housing, since the tool simulates what would their funding, with only introduce annual income and the years intended to finance the purchase.

Gonzalo Rodriguez Rodriguez, said and insisted that the new tool is "no" does not compete with the real estate portals "because" does not offer concrete house "and" no use for the search, but to help a client in later the process. " Its sole purpose is to "help customers find BBVA home."