Breakdown of rental agreement

The relationship between landlord (landlord) and tenant (tenant) is paramount in a lease, since both agree on a number of conditions and assume certain rights and obligations. However, the contract (and therefore the relationship between lessor and lessee) may be broken due to breach of any of the conditions, obligations or rights agreed in this contract.


Many homeowners do not know that it is more profitable when renting a home. Many wonder: How do I rent my property, rooms or complete ?. This is the question that comes to any citizen who has decided to take the step of renting your property to get profitability.

Barcelona Finques has had access to the latest survey by the real estate portal According to the latest analysis by this portal, both options can be profitable depending on the city where the rent is made.

Rent house

What Spain has ceased to be a country of owners? Perhaps. The crisis has changed things a great deal, but it remains to be seen what will happen when the economy of the families - improve of truth. At the moment, and according to the latest study of Fotocasa "Profile of the tenant in 2014 ", the sense of ownership has lost its followers and the rent is gaining ground in recent years, particularly among the younger population.