Rent house

El 38% of spaniard rents house by conviction

What Spain has ceased to be a country of owners? Perhaps. The crisis has changed things a great deal, but it remains to be seen what will happen when the economy of the families - improve of truth. At the moment, and according to the latest study of Fotocasa "Profile of the tenant in 2014 ", the sense of ownership has lost its followers and the rent is gaining ground in recent years, particularly among the younger population.

The 38% of Spaniards who rents it does because it is a formula that allows freedom and labor mobility. A 24% of the respondents ensures that the rental gives them the freedom and not ata to a place and to a level of spending for a long time (mortgage), followed by another 14% that said that it is a formula that allows the labor mobility and take advantage of the good opportunities when they appear. At the other extreme, 25% of Spaniards who rents ensures do so by obligation and because their economic situation is preventing it from buying a home.

 In addition, other reasons given by respondents for live in rental system relate to topics aspirational and ensure that rent allows access to homes that could never be buy, supported by a 11% of respondents. Another 11% said do it for the comfort of knowing that the maintenance fees (taxes, community expenses, insurance, etc. ) are to be borne by the owner and a 8% said live in a rented flat because resides in a different city that wants to fix his residence.

As for the profile of the tenants that desperation these ideas, 40% have between 18 and 34 years, followed by the 32% that has between 35 and 44 years, the 19% are between 45 and 54 years old and a 8% is between 55 and 65 years. Therefore, it is the younger population that is finalising this change of mentality in favor of the rental.

One of the data that shows the survey is that the rental market is in constant motion and the homes that are offered to be leased are little time empty. Thus, the Spaniards who sought a rental housing in 2014 it took on average three and a half months to find it. These data are related to the study "experience of rental in 2014" in Fotocasa in which emphasized that the 90% of the owners who put his rented housing in 2014, the managed lease in just four months.

Another very significant data of this study is that the main reason that the Spaniards have changed of rental housing in 2014 is by labor issues. Well, the 21% of those surveyed stated that in the past few months has rented a house due to a change of job.

The following reasons that favor the change of rental housing is the home you want to improve the current, which supports the 20% of the respondents, either to live in a different area or by a change in the type of housing. Another 19% ensures that in the last year has been rented due to new personal projects such as independence, he went to live with the couple or with friends and 11% said having changed from housing because the family has grown. Finally, the 9% recently moved because has been separated and a 5% has been rented as a second residence.