Renting rooms full or floor?

Many homeowners do not know that it is more profitable when renting a home. Many wonder: How do I rent my property, rooms or complete ?. This is the question that comes to any citizen who has decided to take the step of renting your property to get profitability.

Barcelona Finques has had access to the latest survey by the real estate portal According to the latest analysis by this portal, both options can be profitable depending on the city where the rent is made.

Nationally, the study concludes that households with two rooms are interesting in the market for shared flats. In the case of households with 3 and 4 bedrooms, it is more profitable to sell them for bedrooms.

If in Barcelona and Madrid as profitable rental housing is full, the rest of the Spanish cities is better to rent or shared dorms. Then we show the table with the city as rental yield and number of rooms.

Breakfast is profitable to rent?

Rent breakfast

Although the overall figures place Barcelona and Madrid as the most profitable cities in renting a full house; analyzing each of its districts it can be seen that there are areas where rent dormitories profitable.

Breakfast rent by district

According to Fernando Encinar, head of research idealist, "the two main Spanish real estate markets show a very different trend to what happens in the rest of the country, caused by the sharp increase rent prices have registered with them in recent years ".

In addition, Encinar explains that "prices in the market share flats are traditionally reluctant to sudden changes in trend, being related to contracts signed lease for years and still have not been updated many times."