Raise the price of housing in the first half

Raise the price of housing in the first half

During the first half of this year 2016, housing prices have prices increased by 7, 5%. The market not yet achieved the levels of operations previous purchases and mortgage amounts to the crisis, but it is accelerating because consumers are encouraged to recovery of the economy and low interest rates.

Between April and June this year the number of sales rose 23.7% to a total of 107,838 operations, while prices rose 2.2%. It is the best thing a quarter since early 2011, according to the quarterly report conducted by the Association of Registrars through Price Index Housing repeat sales. In a quarter trading transactions grew 8.5%.

If anything match home buyers is in the purchase of a used house (you came to buy some 88,291, representing 81, 9% of total) and a fixed rate mortgage to subscribe.

In the first half, the purchase of new homes barely reached 0.8%, while purchases recorded were 18.1% (representing some 19,547 homes, being Catalonia the autonomous region where most were made, namely to 17,300).

Home purchases by foreigners

Main Buyers

If the real estate market has seen has been on the rise it is due in large part to the purchase of homes by foreigners (in so far this year, 51,500 have already registered purchases).

According to the study before brexit (leaving the United Kingdom of the European Union), the British foreign consumers are more interested in buying homes (with 19, 7% of registered purchases). Follow the Germans (7, 4), France (7.1%), Sweden (6.9%), Italy (6%) and Belgium (5.6%). These six first nationalities reach more than half of all home purchases by foreigners. The Chinese account for nearly 4% of operations.