Pricing a home

Today, to buy or sell a home is indespansble have an official appraisal of housing aimed mortgage; ie the price of our property according to the current or in other words "the price a buyer is willing to pay for freely acquire a good" real estate market. For it is to hire a professional appraiser, who valued the house following a series of factors that will influence the final price. These are: location, type (or multi-family), surface, lighting, condition or distribution of housing.

Buying a foreclosed home

The appetite for owning a home has regrown in Spain, This is confirmed by the latest data (2015) from the National Statistics Institute (INE):

  • The purchases of homes registered in the records of the property increased by 23.6%.
  • Mortgages rose 24%.

Cristobal Montoro

The General Directorate of Cadastre has taken a further step in the fight against tax fraud by opening a new line of collaboration with administrators of estates, professionals involved in almost 15% of real estate transactions carried out both in the field of leasing as sale.