Cristobal Montoro

Finance and administrators of estates Cadastre

The General Directorate of Cadastre has taken a further step in the fight against tax fraud by opening a new line of collaboration with administrators of estates, professionals involved in almost 15% of real estate transactions carried out both in the field of leasing as sale.

Through the signing of an agreement with the General Council of Colleges of Administrators of Estates(CGCAFE), published yesterday in the BOE, will make it easier for citizens to access electronically accurate cadastral data for the conclusion of the transaction, "enabling the real estate process can be faster and the contractual formalizations enjoy in addition to the maximum legal protection, transparency and, without doubt, accuracy in the data," says this corporation.

In recent months the collegiate administrators of estates are discovering that 20% of the notifications received by the citizens with respect to the new cadastral evaluation contains erroneous data. "There have been, among other issues, errors in the identification of the property, its location, the constructed surface and tool, or the ownership", confirms El Salvador Diez, president of the CGCAFE. Errors which, once identified, should be communicated to the Cadastre.

Conform to the reality of the taxpayer assets

And is that, as assured administrators of estates, it is necessary that the taxation is adjusting to the reality of patrimonial taxpayers to pay the taxes. "It should be remembered that a breach of this duty prosecutor can lead to a sanction", added from the CGCAFE.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the Territorial College of Estate Managers who sign this agreement assume a double commitment: first, will present the cadastral declarations of taxpayers, as agents thereof to the appropriate management of Cadastre or to the municipalities ; and, second, they must have in their college based Cadastral Information Point, which will be managed by the College itself, and allow consultation and electronic certification of cadastral data contained in the Cadastral Database.

This formula of collaboration provides for, in addition, the regular referral to the General Direction of the Cadastre, on the part of the colleges, information on the offer price of the transactions for the sale and rental of real estate in involving its members, as well as the expert testimony that these made.