You have an empty house, better sell it or rent it?

Wind in stern for those who have an empty house today in Spain. Or, at least, it seems. The reactivation of the real estate market is a fact on which the consensus of the operators of the sector is practically unanimous. And it is based on its most striking figures. On the one hand, the price per square meter of second-hand housing rose by 4.8% last month compared to the same period of the previous year, the largest year-on-year increase since May 2007, before the real estate bubble burst , when it grew by 5.4%. On the other hand, in September the price of rental housing increased by 9.7% year-on-year and it has lasted two years and seven months of uninterrupted increases, according to data from online agency Fotocasa.

Increased housing sales

In the second quarter (June) of this 2016 home sales has increased significantly with 19, 4% over the same quarter last year 2015. There have been more than 36,856 operations and stringing five consecutive months of increases interannual.

Trading house

The sale of housing has broken the negative trend of recent years and is already in growth: over the past year were recorded in Spain 319,389 operations for the sale of housing, 2.2 % more than a year before, and puts an end to three consecutive years of falling. In particular, housing free grew 3.2 % and used a 18.4 %, but fell those of official protection (-6.2 %) and the new-construction (-16.9 % ).