Trading house

Tips for buying housing

The sale of housing has broken the negative trend of recent years and is already in growth: over the past year were recorded in Spain 319,389 operations for the sale of housing, 2.2 % more than a year before, and puts an end to three consecutive years of falling. In particular, housing free grew 3.2 % and used a 18.4 %, but fell those of official protection (-6.2 %) and the new-construction (-16.9 % ).

The network of agencies Alfa Inmobiliaria has developed a list of recommendations to select one of these companies that help us to sell the property or find tenant, in the case of rental. These are some of them.

  • Looking for information on the agency that you can advertise your property: Inquires about his experience and his career in the market.
  • Advice of a professional: Alfa Inmobiliaria argues that the search for an expert for this type of process gives “objectivity”  to the sale or rental of the property and does not generate “false expectations”.
  • Requests specific information about how will publicize the floor: The agency must provide a complete marketing plan. For this reason it is necessary to be “in the main real estate portals”, count with a “wide database of potential buyers” and "real estate agents interested in facilitating a cross-selling”.
  • Confirms if the agency adequately takes advantage of new technologies (outstanding, professional photos, videos, etc) and tools for the right price of housing.
  • Requests information real and objective: Alfa Inmobiliaria recommends “talk with the real estate professional as if it were a job interview” and choose only the one “who have knowledge of property appraisal, market and legal issues”. Also it is advisable to request information on sales, years of experience in that area, partners, media advertising, managed portfolio, training, membership in associations or professional networks.
  • Choose the agency that this fair pay and make sure the total fees to be collected by the agency.
  • Be careful with those agencies who value the housing above the market or below: Looking for price “reasonable and realistic”.
  • Notes its capacity for mediation: Look at how you handle the empathy in the deal with you. Subsequently, it will be the person that must reach an agreement with the buyer.
  • Transparency in the operation: You should impose the condition to be present in the negotiation of the price with the buyer. “The real estate agent will look to the buyer who is interested in your home and you directly with the buyer and the advice of the agent to reach an agreement at the type of contract of Arras criminal, or confirmatory penitential, the amount of the signal, the duration of the same and the Price”. Not thyself, therefore, with offers to purchase.